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interplanetary man
written by Parsis on Nov 20, 2008 21:34
Xenomorph said:
Quite nice.

Just a few points:

* Lithium Eaters aren't exactly bipedal They are basically big cats, after all. Albeit of a type that's extinct on Earth. They're capable of standing on their hind legs, but only briefly, as an intimidation tactic.

* The purple should be a little darker.

* A tail-mounted laser is practically mandatory
I allow them to be bipedal so they look more human, allowing fans to feel like they have something in common with them, so when you do see them die in war you feel sorry for the poor guys; it also gives the film a more serious tone.

There's a video were actually a felysian stands on two feet as well as lithium eater you can see it in the previous page I think it was said by raptorjedi
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. /Noctis/Noctis the Movie/ MESSAGE #98588
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