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written by Stargazer on Nov 22, 2008 08:55
Parsis said:
The film is based on the unofficial time line and the official history written by Alex; it also has a bit of my style into it ,so you can see why its a bit different than actual game play.
A bit different? To me it sounds like this movie wont be based on Noctis at all. Instead, it seems based on fan-fiction from the start of this decade, fiction that for the most part, were abandoned as being too obscure to continue with. Except for the lithium eater, of course, which is still a more original and popular character, but which we still probably won't ever see in the game.
The reason we abandoned the timeline, was because it eventually strayed so far off the official path and design philosophy of Noctis that it almost became something of a parody.

See, Noctis isn't a state of the art game, it never was, and never will be. Noctis is art, yes, but not of a kind that will appeal to everyone. Rather than flowing with the stream of popular mainstream culture, which nowadays seems intent only on moving towards the "bigger, greater, more explosive, more voilent" philosophy of artistic expression, Alex decided to go in the oposite direction. Thus, the true and unique artistic beauty of Noctis can be found in its subtlety, and if you wish to present Noctis is it truly is, that's what you should be concentrating on.

I am the guy who created the Drakhnator, and have regretted that creation ever since. I was younger back then, and I too wanted to "translate" Noctis into something that could appeal to the masses. So, I ripped off several sources, and came up with your typical cookie-cutter bad alien mofo. I openly admit that they were really just the Shivans from the Freespace games; giant bio-mechanical space lobsters with an attitude problem. The rest of my fiction was pretty much made the same way; it was simply a witches brew of several science-fiction movies and novels and whatnot, all brought together and cooked over low temperature. One thing it wasn't, was Noctis.

Things have changed since then, thankfully.

So, what I'm trying to say is: do what you want, but please don't call it Noctis, unless you are prepared to stay true to the original vision.
I just don't want people coming in here asking "where can I see a Drakhnator?" or "why can't I see lithium eaters", or worse still: "how can I fire my weapon?". The thing is, I don't think the mainstream would ever understand or appreciate Noctis for what it is. And you presenting it as something it isn't, won't help matters one bit. Which is not to say it couldn't still be a cool movie as a stand-alone.
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. /Noctis/Noctis the Movie/ MESSAGE #98621
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