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written by Megagun on Dec 15, 2008 08:55
Shadowlord said:
On the subject of combining NIV and NICE somehow, or improving NICE further, I'd suggest considering starting from the most recent NICE source code. Here's why:
1. All the crash bugs, buffer overflows, terrain generation problems (identical planets, identical sectors, so on), from Noctis IV and from older NICE versions are fixed
2. All the other bugs from both that are also fixed
3. The windows port works fairly well in its current state, if I remember right. Any further changes could be made to that, so there would be no conventional memory ceiling to deal with.
There are actually still quite a few bugs and quirks in that one, though..

*Skies of felysian and unstable (volcanic) worlds are bugged
*Volcanic worlds look wrong when viewed from space (this might also be the case for other planet types)
*Planet surfaces randomly change (volcanic worlds do that, and perhaps some others too)
*Random crashes happen, some without known causes, some with known causes (unstable planet + transparant surface = crash upon landing, for example)

However, the worst thing in NICE is currently that neither the Windows nor the DOS version is really 'complete'. The Windows version is missing proper moviemaking (and perhaps also proper PortableGOES functionality), and the DOS version misses a lot of things recently added to the Windows version.

Regarding the NIV GOES comments: I doubt that anyone ever submitted any substantial amount of GOES comments during the timeperiod when NICE had different surfaces yet still employed the old NIV-style GUIDE. Even today, it seems that there are only very few outboxes being delivered. Unless there are a lot of people running R7-R8.5, most of those should be either NICE Starmap3 files (clearly noticeable if you use a hexeditor), or vanilla NIV outboxes.

EDIT: the problems with syncstarmap that I found:
*GUIDE entries aren't updated?
*There's at least one 'corrupted' starmap that is screwing around with things, causing me to not be able to update the starmap again. Basically, I can't update the thing reliably anymore and it keeps bugging out.
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