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written by Cryoburner on Jan 14, 2009 13:03
Ah, yes. I skimmed the tool descriptions, not expecting there to be instructions in them for something that wasn't entirely self explanatory. I guess that's "wall of text syndrome" for you. : )

Still, it might be nice if the single distance method filtered out results that were outside a spherical radius rather than a cube. For instance, enter Felysia for the object and 10 for x, and one might expect the farthest object to be at most 10 ly away. Instead, we end up with some that are farther, including Lonliness, nearly 15 ly from the target.

As a rather major suggestion, it would be very cool if a NoctisMapper-style graphical representation of the galaxy were added. It could range from being as simple as a 2D top-down and side view of the galaxy with the current system highlighted, to being as advanced as a zoom-able 3D view with the ability to click stars to view their statistics, planets, and guide entries.

Hey, you asked for suggestions. : P
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. /Noctis/GOES Extended Network/ MESSAGE #99969
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